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What You Need to Know About Speeding in New York Work Zones

Posted by Terri B. Kalker | Apr 09, 2024 | 0 Comments

Speeding is a common offense on the road, but when it occurs in a work zone, the consequences can be severe. Understanding the laws and penalties associated with speeding in New York work zones is essential for all drivers.
What Constitutes a Work Zone?
A work zone, as defined by law, is any highway construction or maintenance area. These zones are marked with diamond-shaped orange signs bearing the words “work zone” or “flagger ahead.” It's crucial to adhere to the instructions provided by flaggers directing traffic within these zones. Failure to do so may result in additional citations for disobeying a traffic control device.
Work zones typically have reduced speed limits compared to regular areas of the road. These lower limits are implemented to enhance the safety of workers and pedestrians in the vicinity. Speeding in a work zone not only increases the risk of accidents but also heightens the likelihood of causing serious injury or fatality to workers or bystanders.
Point System for Speeding Violations
Speeding violations in New York are subject to a point system, which determines the number of points added to your driver's license based on the severity of the offense:
1-10 mph over the speed limit: 3 points
11-20 mph over the speed limit: 4 points
21-30 mph over the speed limit: 6 points
31-40 mph over the speed limit: 8 points
41 mph or more over the speed limit: 11 points
Accumulating points on your license can have serious consequences. If you amass 11 points within an 18-month period, your driver's license will be suspended.
Enhanced Penalties for Speeding in Work Zones
Speeding in a work zone carries enhanced penalties to deter reckless driving behavior and protect road workers. When caught speeding in a work zone, fines are doubled compared to regular speeding fines. For instance, while a standard speeding ticket may range from $150 to $600, fines for speeding in a work zone can escalate to $300 to $1,200, in addition to any applicable surcharges.
Moreover, a conviction for speeding in a work zone can lead to an increase in auto insurance premiums. Repeat offenders, convicted of speeding in work zones twice within an 18-month period, risk having their driver's license suspended.
New Speed Enforcement Measures
To further enforce speed limits in work zones and enhance safety, the New York State Department of Transportation has implemented new speed enforcement measures. Road signs now remind drivers that cameras are active in work zones, and those exceeding the posted speed limit will be ticketed.
According to Stephen Canzoneri of the New York State Department of Transportation, these cameras are strategically placed in active work zones, where workers are present. Thirty SUVs equipped with cameras are deployed across the state to capture speeding violations. These cameras may appear on limited-access highways, parkways, and the New York State Thruway, depending on ongoing construction projects.
By staying informed about New York's work zone speeding laws and exercising caution while driving, you can help ensure the safety of road workers and fellow motorists, while also avoiding costly penalties and license suspensions.

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