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Red Light Tickets

In the State of New York, especially in the city, there are cameras stationed at every red light. These cameras – also known as a photographic automated enforcement system – are designed to capture photographs after the light has turned red, effectively catching drivers who have run the red light. Typically, the owner of the vehicle will be mailed a red light ticket and be expected to either pay the fine or attend an already scheduled court date.

Many people mistakenly assume that because the camera caught them running a red light that they have very little defense against a New York red light ticket. However, when your case is competently handled by an experienced traffic attorney, you actually have a very good chance of having the ticket dismissed entirely. There are many defenses against red light tickets, such as insufficient evidence, photos that are blurred and do not allow for accurate identification, proof that you were not the driver at the time, or even proof that the red light camera was not functioning properly or was not properly maintained.

At the Law Office Of Terri B. Kalker, we know the law surrounding red light tickets, and we also know the most successful defense strategies. When you can't afford to have a red light ticket on your record or have your insurance premiums raised, it is essential that you contact our office to speak with a seasoned New York traffic attorney as soon as possible.

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