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Stop Sign Tickets

Stop sign tickets are common in the State of New York. Almost everyone runs a stop sign at some point in their lives, usually because they are in a hurry and no one is around at the intersection, or they simply did not see it or notice it was there.

However, New York imposes steep penalties for stop sign tickets, including up to a $100 fine and 3 points on your license. 3 points on your license may not sound like much, but it only takes 11 points over an 18 month period of time to have your license suspended. While many people assume that it's just easier and less work to pay the stop sign ticket instead of hiring an attorney and going to court, the latter is something that is essential if you want to protect your driving record, avoid hefty fines and keep your insurance premiums from going up.

At the Law Office Of Terri B. Kalker, we have the knowledge and skills needed to fight your New York stop sign ticket. We have successfully crafted unique defenses and have assisted a number of New York citizens in having their traffic ticket completely dismissed.

Don't let something as simple as a stop sign ticket have such a dramatic impact on your driving record. Fight it today with the help of an experienced New York traffic attorney. Call us for a consultation today.

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