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Surprising Traffic Laws From Around the World

Posted by Terri B. Kalker | Sep 27, 2023 | 0 Comments

Driving around your hometown is one thing. But taking a road trip in a foreign country? That's a whole new ball game. From dual spectacles in Spain to the unexpected car checks in Denmark, we're about to embark on a whimsical world tour of some truly unexpected driving laws. Your attorney will be as baffled as you are!

  1. Sweden's Daylight Driving Quirk

Sweden has a bright idea to combat its long, dark winters. The law mandates drivers to keep their headlights on 24/7, whether it's the middle of the night or a sunny day. Shine bright like a Swede and avoid a fine!

  1. Russia's Dirty Car Dilemma

In Mother Russia, the dirt drives you... straight to a fine. Driving a mucky motor could earn you more than just disapproving looks—it could lighten your wallet, too. Time to shine that car! 

  1. Japan's Respectful Roadways

In Japan, where etiquette is paramount, splashing a pedestrian during a downpour is not merely considered impolite but could also result in a monetary reprimand. Tread cautiously through those puddles.

  1. Denmark's "Peek-a-boo" Policy

In Denmark, drivers are legally required to check under their car before starting it. Not for mechanical reasons, but to ensure no one's snoozing or hiding beneath! Always check for hidden surprises, or face a fine. 

  1. Cyprus's Drinking Taboo

Don't even think about quenching that thirst while driving in Cyprus. Drinking and driving is globally frowned upon, but in Cyprus, even sipping water could cost you! Best to pull over when parched. 

  1. Thailand's Shirtless Shenanigans

Fancy a topless drive in sunny Thailand? Not so fast! Driving without a shirt, be it in a car or on a bike, is a no-go. Remember, in Thailand, attire matters.

  1. South Africa's Herd Hurdles

In South Africa, should your vehicle scare or upset a herd of animals passing the road, you're in for a legal entanglement. It's a wild rule for a wild country. Drive gently amidst nature's wonders! 

  1. Switzerland's Night-time Car Washing Woes

Pondering an evening car wash in Switzerland? Pause for thought. Nighttime vehicle cleaning is restricted in some cantons to prevent noise pollution. In Switzerland, silence is golden—and so is a spotless car.

  1. Philippines' Number Game

In an attempt to reduce traffic congestion, the bustling city of Manila has a unique approach. Depending on the last digit of your license plate, there might be certain days you're prohibited from driving! So, plan your tour dates wisely or face a potential penalty.

  1. Singapore's Clean Streets Code

Singapore's immaculate streets are no accident. Here, it's illegal to spit out gum or litter from your vehicle. As for tossing out a cigarette butt? The fines are enough to make anyone reconsider that next puff. Keep your car clean, or the law might just clean out your pockets!

So next time you find yourself traveling abroad just remember…."When in Rome, do as the Romans do." When driving across borders, it's about navigating the quirky by-lanes of local laws. 

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