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Jay Recommends Terri B. Kalker

I received a Traffic violation for passing a school bus while it's lights were flashing.
My defense was simple. A fire truck was coming, and the School Bus Driver waved me to pass him. (Why he did not turn his lights off, is beyond me.)

15 seconds later a nasty cop pulled me over.

I explained to the officer that the bus driver waived me through due to the fire truck.

The officer did not care one bit.

Terri Keller was amazing!!!

She handled everything for me professionally. Her office was understanding and easy to deal with.

Needless to say, Terri was able to prove my defense, and through her thorough understanding of my case, the law, and the Traffic Court Judicial system, Terri Keller had my ticket totally dismissed.

I highly recommend Terri Keller for any Traffic Violation.

Terri knows the laws well, and is very professional.
Not to mention a very kind-hearted person, which you need to have after experiencing a “Pull-Over.”

I can not possibly thank Terri enough.

I highly recommend her.

– Jay

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