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Matt Recommends Terri B. Kalker

I got a ticket back in 2008 in the Bronx for going 78 in a 50..28 MPH over and 6 points I was facing. I postponed my ticket the first two times myself, and once the court itself did it for “administrative reasons”, then I realized I needed a lawyer to keep the process going. I found her through a coworker and called up, gave all my info over the phone and that's when the process started.

The first few court dates I had, they postponed themselves for me. Unfortunately, they never ever called me about these times to tell me I was postponed, but I checked myself online. They also did not tell me that I had to pay a $40 bond one time, so I got a letter in the mail from the DMV telling me I had to pay it or else I'd get suspended. She postponed my case I believe 3 times and then tried it, I wasn't called to be notified of the result. I called myself to be told it was dismissed, and to get my refund for the bond.

She got my ticket thrown out, no points or anything and a very reasonable price tag for her services. If it wasn't for the good price and the ticket being thrown out, my ratings for the communication would probably have been worse. But, even though I was barely contacted, I'd still recommend because she won my case.

– Matt

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