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Terri B. Kalker

I have been successfully defending motorists accused of all types of moving violations. Regardless of the charge, we realize it is important to you and we treat it so. My staff are all professional and at your service as soon as you call. We maintain extended business hours for your convenience. Generally, we can represent you even if you are too busy to go to court yourself. Similarly, all of our transactions can be done over the phone or via main/snail. YOU NEVER HAVE TO MISS WORK.

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  • Terri Kalker did a fantastic job

    My Lawyer Terri Kalker did a fantastic job, dismissing my 5 point cellphone ticket! Cheap, fast, reliable. I would definitely use Terri again. My license would've been suspended for at least 6 months if this ticket would have gone Onto my record.
  • Jay Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    I received a Traffic violation for passing a school bus while it's lights were flashing.My defense was simple. A fire truck was coming, and the School Bus Driver waved me to pass him. (Why he did not turn his lights off, is beyond me.) 15 seconds later a nasty cop pulled me over. I explained to...
  • Andrea Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    I got a ticket in the Bronx for going a little bit (actually it was a lot a bit) too fast over the speed limit. Terri Kalker was able to remove all the points (6) from my ticket and reduced the fine from $510 to $100. My record is already bad and i had 9 points before this ticket. Thanks to Terri...
  • Anna Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    Terry came highly recommended from a friend. I contacted her about a speeding ticket on super short notice..only 3 days before my hearing. She responded right away and assured me that she could help. The day of my hearing she got my ticket dismissed points, no fine! I was thrilled! Would rec...
  • Davida Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    Was referred here by my friend Sharon. Saw some bad reviews prior but I trusted Sharon and went with Terri. Terri's office won my speeding ticket and got it completely dismissed. I was going 43 in a 25 on queens blvd. I would hire Terri again although I hope I that I never need these services again.
  • Matt Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    I got a ticket back in 2008 in the Bronx for going 78 in a 50..28 MPH over and 6 points I was facing. I postponed my ticket the first two times myself, and once the court itself did it for “administrative reasons”, then I realized I needed a lawyer to keep the process going. I found her through a...
  • Terri and her staff are professional, and hard working.

    Terri and her staff are professional, and hard working. They answered all my questions, and helped prevent me losing my license. i would highly recommend them.They have also helped me with other traffic violation issues in the past.
  • Terri and her team did a wonderful job

    I hired Terri based on the referral that I got from my neighbor who would not stop talking about how she won her 11 point ticket. Now i cannot stop talking about her. Terri and her team did a wonderful job on my speeding ticket that i got in the Far Rockaway area. I (and my neighbor lol) would hi...
  • Vin Recommends Terri B. Kalker

    I never thought my speeding summons would be completely dismissed, points reduced maybe, but yes the summons was completely dismissed. It took one year with a postponement, but to my delight it was completely dismissed. I saved about $4000.00 dollars in insurance premiums over the next four (4) y...

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